Effects of climate change and grazing in grasslands

The effects of climate change can alter the inhabitable range of plant species, the realized range of species due to abiotic interactions, and the magnitude and types of interactions between plant species. Since 2005, we have been conducting field experiments using open top chambers and rain-out shelters in grasslands, combined with screening trials on drought tolerance in the greenhouse.

Research supported byNatural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of CanadaFuture Forests Ecosystems Scientific Council of BCBC Grasslands Conservation Council, Forest Investment Account Forest Science Program of BC.

Partners: Dr. Roy Turkington (UBC) and the FFESC team

Current students: William Harrower (PhD)

Past students: Sadie Cox (MSc); Justine McCulloch (MSc); Amber Greenall (MSc); Dr. Cameron Carlyle (PhD); Anna Sapozhnikova (MSc)

Website:  Climate Change & BC Range

effects of climate change
Open top chambers and rain-out shelters in Lac du Bois Provincial Park